ColorBox DIY Mixed Media Frame – Pink & Main and Clearsnap Blog Hop

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Hiya, Tami Sanders here today and I’m excited to share a DIY mixed media project for the Clearsnap  ColorBox and Pink & Main  Blog Hop with you!

Pink & Main have tons of great stamp designs as well as embellishments and more for your stamping and paper crafting projects and they work beautifully with our awesome Clearsnap Inks.

I had a VERY hard time deciding which of their stamp sets to use, but finally managed to settle on Doodled Flowers and Fun Washi, I selected some Glossy Dots embellishments too.

While browsing a thrift store recently, I found some old beat up metal frames and a display of vintage wine glasses. I picked up a few thinking that the glasses would make a perfect “pedestal” for the frames.

TIP: look for glasses with FLAT bottoms, they will allow your frame to be adhered more securely than glasses with bottoms that dip at the center.

I wanted my flowers for the project to be “filled”, so I needed to use a colored paper to stamp the “outline” style flowers on. I could have used cardstock, but where’s the fun in that!? Clearsnap Inks come in a veritable RAINBOW of colors!

I took white cardstock, and used a Stylus & Tip to wet a portion of the paper with Pearl Rain, poured from the bottle into a small bowl. Then using CLEAN Tips, I swirled on two different shades of ColorBox Archival Dye Ink to “watercolor” the paper. The Pearl Rain serves two purposes: 1) It helps the Dye Ink move and blend on the porous surface of the cardstock and 2) It provides a bit of shimmer to the finished paper.


-not all cardstock is created equal, test this technique on your cardstock; a smooth better quality cardstock was used for the sample.

-be sure if you dip back into your ink that you use a clean tip; be careful not to contaminate your ink pad.

Let the cardstock dry completely, then stamp your flowers and leaves using the darker color ink of the two shades used. Stamp Washi tape pieces and sentiment using Mudslide Dye Ink. Cut out all stamped flowers, leaves and washi tape pieces.

Cut a piece of corrugated cardboard (I used the piece that came with the frame) about 1” smaller around all sides than the interior of the frame. Paint it lightly with white paint so that just the raised portions of the cardboard are painted.

Cut sentiment to measure 2 ¼” tall, and tear ends about ½” longer on each side as your cardboard piece.

To freshen up the frame, I gave it two coats of Honey Bee Colorique. Colorique works beautifully on metal and other non-porous surfaces.

Next, the fun part! Arrange all the pieces as you like and assemble. Complete supply list and directions can be found below.



ColorBox Archival Dye Ink:

Pinkolicious, Blossom, Toasted Apricot, Coral, Pumpkin Pie, Mist, Wave, Moody Blue, Tree Fog, Grasshopper, Golf Course, Lilac, Frosted Plum and Mudslide

ColorBox Colorique: Honey Bee

ColorBox Pearl Rain

ColorBox Stylus & Tips

Pink & Main: Doodled Flowers and Fun Washi Clear Stamps and Rainbow and Silver Glossy Dots

Beacon Adhesives: Zip Dry and Quick Grip

Scrapbook Adhesives: 3D Squares


Thrift Store: 5 X 7 Metal Frame and Small Vintage Wine Glass

Corrugated Cardboard (if not a part of the frame)

Cardboard Scrap

White Cardstock

White Acrylic Punch

Foam Brush

Binder Rings

Waxed Twine


Trimmer, Scissors, Metal Punch and Heat Gun

  1. Cut 9 strips of white cardstock.
  2. Pour a small amount of Pearl Rain into a bowl, use Stylus & Tip to apply liquid to a small portion of a piece of white cardstock.
  3. Use CLEAN tips to apply 2 shades of ink to each piece, swirling to blend colors. Rewet as needed, working in one small area at a time.                                                                                                    use the following sets of colors to create 9 different paper colors: Pinkolicious and Blossom, Toasted Apricot and Coral, Coral and Pumpkin Pie, Mist and Wave, Wave and Moody Blue, Lilac and Frosted Plum, Tree Fog and Grasshopper, Grasshopper, Golf Course and Toasted Apricot by itself.
  4. Set inked papers aside to dry, or speed up dry time using a heat gun.
  5. Stamp sentiment using Mudslide on Paper inked with just Toasted Apricot.
  6. Stamp flowers and leaves on other papers using darker shade of ink. Stamp washi tape pieces using Mudslide Ink.
  1. Cut a piece of corrugated cardboard (I used the piece that came with the frame) about 1” smaller around all sides than the interior of the frame and glue a piece of chipboard in a matching size to the back. Paint it lightly with white paint so that just the raised portions of the cardboard are painted.
  2. Cut out all stamped pieces. Cut sentiment to measure 2 ¼” tall, and tear ends about ½” longer on each side as your cardboard piece.
  1. Measure and punch holes in top portion of frame, and coordinating holes in top of corrugated cardboard piece.
  2. Paint frame with two coats of Honey Bee Colorique.
  3. Adhere sentiment about 1 ½” up from bottom of cardboard piece using Zip Dry.
  4. Arrange and adhere flowers and washi tape pieces using Zip Dry and 3D Squares for dimension and layering.
  5. Add Glossy Dots to centers of flowers.
  6. Hang cardboard piece in center of frame using binder rings.
  7. Use Quick Grip to adhere bottom edge of frame to the bottom center of the glass.
  8. Once glue has set overnight, make twine bow and attach to stem.


Thank you for hopping with me!

See you on the crafty side,


34 Responses to ColorBox DIY Mixed Media Frame – Pink & Main and Clearsnap Blog Hop

  1. Vicki says:

    WOW!! What an amazing project!! Such a clever idea and it turned out amazing! Thanks so much for the fun blog hop!

  2. wow, what an amazing mixed media are talented. love it

  3. Sukie says:

    Gorgeous project! Those flowers are so pretty, I love the bright and cheery colors and how you framed them! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Pam Pease says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  5. Pam MacKay says:

    Adorable project so creative and fun!

  6. Kelly massman says:

    Clever idea. Pretty!

  7. Kelly Kennedy says:

    These would be beautiful for bridal showers!

  8. Janis Lewis says:

    Wow! I love the painted frame and art it highlights. I never would have thought create something like that. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Dana Johnson says:

    This is so creative and beautiful!

  10. Sharon Gullikson says:

    Oh, I Love it. I just bought one of those, but haven’t used it yet. You have inspired me…

  11. Andrea Shell says:

    Wow, what a fun, creative project! Love it!

  12. Rebecca says:

    Wow, what a cool frame project. Love it!

  13. Mary Holshouser says:

    what a clever idea.
    Good conversation piece and a good
    way to display memories.
    thanks for sharing

  14. Pami Ballington says:


  15. Melissa Craig says:

    Oh wow! What an amazing project!

  16. Katherine Buchanan says:

    Oh… WOW!! Such a really neat idea for old frames!! Thanks for the inspiration!! I love, love, LOVE it!!

  17. Denise Bryant says:

    What a fun project! Love the flowers!

  18. Pam Bray says:

    From Trash to Treasure! Your frame is gorgeous and so unique! I love all those fabulous fussy cut layers!

  19. Fabulous project! Love the up cycled frame and all the different colors and textures used! <3

  20. Sandy Stein says:

    What an awesome idea.

  21. Lori Frassinelli says:

    Such a sweet idea for a party table. There are so many possibilities!!

  22. Carla Hundley says:

    How cool this
    creation is!
    Love the painted
    Carla from Utah

  23. Sue D says:

    Very pretty and clever project.

  24. Marjorie DUMONTIER says:

    Oh my goodness ! What an incredible creation ! Absolutely fantastic !

  25. Michelle Garrison says:

    Love everything about this!???

  26. Karen Aicken says:

    Wow – I am amazed at this project. So creative and clever! Great tutorial as well – thank you.

  27. Jean Marmo says:

    Wow – this is stunning!

  28. Jeanne Beam says:

    Such an awesome project.. love it…
    Thanks for sharing…

  29. wow! what a lovely project!!

  30. WOW! That’s amazing. I love the colors, details, flowers, and design. Just lovely.

  31. Jeanette Y says:

    What a great idea to recycle your thrift store finds! Thanks for sharing a beautiful project

  32. Kelly Kennedy says:

    This is fun and would be amazing for wedding table numbers!

  33. Dana M says:

    What an adorable and fun decor piece! So very creative!

  34. DUMONTIER Marjorie says:

    That’s a cool creation !!

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