Dictionary Page Flowers and Butterflies with Dye Ink

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Hello, Connie Nichol here with a bright and colorful scrapbook page featuring embellishments I made from some old book pages and ColorBox® Premium Dye with Stephanie Barnard ink pads and Sprays!  Outdated dictionaries are my favorite books to recycle because they are readily available, have lots of pages and the weight of the paper is quite light, making it easy to manipulate. 

Finished project

Supplies to create embellishments:

Ruffled Flowers

Flower Embellishments

Step One: Punch about 8 circles or scalloped circles out of book paper. The size of your circle will largely dictate the size of your flower, and the number of circles will affect the fullness. Stack the flowers on top of each other. Piece the center and fasten together with a small brad. Spray the top circle lightly with water, and scrunch paper tightly around the brad. Repeat with every paper circle, wetting and scrunching the paper around the middle.

Step 2

 Step Two: Arrange the scrunched paper to your liking and then customize the color with ColorBox® dye ink. I used the Stephanie Barnard Premium Dye ink pads and Sprays. The colors are so beautiful and vibrant! Use a ColorBox stylus and foam tip to gently dab some color onto your flower, or for more intense color, give it a quick zap with the dye ink Sprays! Let your flowers dry naturally or use a heat gun to speed up the drying process.

Watercolored Butterfly

I also made some little butterfly embellishments for the scrapbook page. Just punch four or five shapes, fasten together with a stapler and customize the color with one or more colors of dye ink. Again, you can dab on a little color with a foam tip and an ink pad, use the dye ink spray, or for a more subtle look, dilute some of Premium Dye Sprays! with water in a little dish. Brush hints of color with a small paintbrush.

Dye ink and Paintbrush

One of the beauties of dye ink is the way that it plays nicely with water – if the color is too intense for the effect you have in mind, just dilute it. Or mix a couple of colors for a two-tone effect. It is very fun.

Finished project

So, have fun exploring the possibilities of recycling old book pages to create simple embellishments. The colors are easily customized with ColorBox® Premium Dye with Stephanie Barnard ink pads and Sprays! to match any project. Happy scrapbooking!

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