Why wood mount rubber stamps?

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Why wood mount rubber stamps?

There are a lot of good reasons to prefer clear stamps to wood mount rubber stamps: easier storage, a variety of themes, you can see where the impression will be and cost.

Here are 7 reasons Clearsnap®, the makers of ColorBox®, continue to make wood mount rubber stamps.

#7 Density – The solid construction minimizes bubbles, wrinkles, and slippage. Even if you mash it onto the paper, the image will not distort.

#6 Consistency – Rubber is rubber is rubber there is very little difference in the quality of rubber used to make rubber stamps from company to company.

#5 Durability – Rubber bounces back! You can use ANY ink and most paints with rubber stamps without damage to the stamp. You can clean off most ink without stains. If you do have a stain, there is a cleaner for that too.

 #4 Cushion – That little foam ‘helper’ between the rubber and the wood block.  The foam distributes pressure across the rubber for a clean image on the first try!

#3 All-in-one – No added purchase of blocks to be able to use the image and no worries about centering the stamp on the block.


#2 Sentimental – There’s something nostalgic about using the same design of stamp that you had as a kid. They are a beautiful keepsake.



#1 American made – Clearsnap® wood mount rubber stamps are manufactured in Burlington, WA USA.

One Response to Why wood mount rubber stamps?

  1. Tracy Steinbach says:

    I love wooden stamps!!! When given a choice I always take wooden because some times the clear stamps bend a bit if they are stacked on top of each other,

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