How to Create a Quick and Elegant Mother’s Day Gift Tag

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Quick and elegant are not usually synonymous with crafty. However, that is exactly what I needed when it came to creating a Mother’s Day gift tag. As a busy wife and mom, I could easily have bought some tags. Instead, I grabbed one of the Colorbox® ArtScreens, my Stylus and some Colorbox® Pigment Ink. Using just a few supplies, it was easy to make an elegant Mother’s Day gift tag in about the same time as it would take to run to the store.

Rose Gold Tag

Supplies Used:

Step One: Choose a ready made tag or make your own. I chose to make my own tag from kraft cardstock. Making your own tag ensures the look of the tag remains consistent. I was able to use the same color of cardstock throughout the entire process. To make my tag, I traced around a shipping tag onto the cardstock. Alternatively, you can just draw a rectangle and cut it out by hand.


The gift tag we are making is dimensional. You can use any of the Colorbox® Art Screens, however I find that a repeating or block geometric style design works best, especially if you want to work in a short time frame. I chose the Star Points Art Screen. Other designs that would work well include: Geometrics, Funky, Mystic, and Rooftop.

Step Two: Place the Colorbox® Art Screen on top of the tag. Pay attention to how the Art Screen is placed on the tag. In the next steps, we will be creating layers to fit over the pattern. Aligning it correctly in this first step will ensure the next few steps go quickly and easily.

Inking on tag

Using your Colorbox® Stylus, gently apply the ink to the Art Screen. If you are like me and have issues with the Colorbox®Art Screen shifting around, use a few small pieces of masking tape to hold it into place. You may also wish to place a sheet of scrap paper underneath the tag to prevent you from getting ink on your work space. Once you have inked pattern to your liking, gently remove the Art Screen.


Step Three: Once again, you will be applying ink with the Colorbox® Stylus. This time, place the Colorbox® Art Screen on the edge of a sheet of cardstock. Make sure your placement matches the placement of the design on your tag.

Inking the cardstock

Step Four: Using scissors or a craft knife, cut away approximately 2/3 of the design.

Cutting out the design

Step Five: Carefully cut out the last 1/3 of the design, then cut it in half vertically.

Cut out designs

Step Six: Adhere the larger piece to the tag first, matching it to the design as closely as possible. Repeat with one of the smaller pieces. Don’t forget to punch a hole in the tag if you made your own. Tie a little twine to the card and it’s complete.

Overlay the tag

The result is a beautiful layered design. My photos really don’t do the Colorbox® Rose Gold Pigment ink justice. This ink has a subtle, elegant shimmer. When paired with the kraft cardstock, it provides a gentle, warm feel. The Rose Gold Ink would also look stunning on white cardstock.

Optional detail

At this point, I could have said the tag was finished. However, I wanted to add a few detailed finishing touches, all of which are optional. I used my sewing machine to stitch across the top of the tag. I stenciled a single star onto cardstock, cut it out and used foam squares to pop it up off of the tag. I also added a hand written sentiment to the card. A stamped sentiment would work equally well. I just love to add my own handwriting as an additional personalized touch.

Rose Gold Tag

Now that you have a Mother’s Day gift tag, you probably need a gift to attach it to. Check out Kymona’s tutorial for a Clean and Simple Mother’s Day Embroidered Apron.

Christy Strickler is an American Expat currently living abroad with her husband, son and three rescue cats. When she isn’t crafting or art journaling, she is often playing a video game.  You can see more of her work at




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