Lady Guadalupe Candle Sconce

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Hello Clearsnap fans! Lisa Marie Jimenez here today to show you how I turned a thrift store sconce find into this Lady Guadalupe Candle Sconce. It was easy to do using my new Colorbox® Colorique line. The colors are so vibrant and you can mix them with each other to achieve more colors. In this tutorial I will be mixing the colors together in several steps, which allows me to complete this project with stunning results. Let’s see how I did it.

Coloring metal with Colorbox Colorique

Colorbox® Colorique by Lisa Marie Jimenez
Ruby Slipper, Honey Bee, Black Diamond, Snow Summit, Turquoise Mountain, Pink Ice, Poppy
Colorbox® Chalk Ink Petal Point®, Autumn Petals
Colorbox® Color Blender
Colorbox® Art Dauber
Walnut Hollow® French Provincial Sign Board, 6”x10”
U-paint Lady Guadalupe Metal Stamping
• Scrapbook Paper, Worn Paper Pattern
• Spray Primer, White
• Upcycled Metal Sconce
• Upcycled Glass Votive Holder
• Silk Flowers, Red, Yellow
• Embossing Heat Tool
• Craft Mat
• Decoupage
• Glue
• Paint Brushes
• Scissor
• Razor Knife
• Rubbing Alcohol
• Paper Towels
• Drill & Screw (optional)

ColorBox ColoriQue by Lisa Marie Jimenez

How to make the Lady Guadalupe Candle Sconce:

1. Clean the metal Guadalupe by wiping it with a paper towel and rubbing alcohol. Allow to dry. Spray the front of the metal stamping with primer and allow to dry according to manufactures instructions.

2. Mix Colorique Honey Bee and Pink Ice to achieve a coral color on the craft mat. Paint the dress of Guadalupe with the coral. Dry with heat tool*. Continue to use the heat tool to dry each application of color in the following steps.

Painting metal with Colorique by Lisa Marie Jimenez

3. Paint the cape with Turquoise Mountain and the trim of the cape with Honey Bee. Add Honey Bee to the stars on the cape.

Lady Guadalupe with Colorique

4. Make a brown color by mixing Poppy and Black on the craft mat. Paint the moon above the angel with the brown paint. Next add Snow Summit to the brown, to make a lighter brown. Paint the angels hair with this color. Continue to add more Snow Summit to make a skin tone and paint the faces.

5. Paint the outer edges of the “glow” around the Guadalupe with Ruby Slippers. Next paint Poppy and then Honey Bee. Use the picture as reference for completing the stamping.

Coloring metal with Colorique by Lisa Marie Jimenez

6. Attach the sign board to the upcycled metal sconce (thrift store find) using screws and an electric drill or glue.

Colorbox chalk ink for distressing wood

7. Cut the paper to slightly larger than the sign board and decoupage the paper to the front. Allow to dry. Trim the excess paper using a razor knife.

8. Use the color blender to distress the edges of the paper with the dark brown in from the Petal Point® ink pad. Add the dark brown in to the sides of the wood sign using the color blender and/or art dauber.

9. Glue the Lady of Guadalupe to the center of the wood and set aside to dry. When dry, complete the project with the votive cup and silk flowers.

The project is now complete and ready to add to your home décor. Painting the metal was easy to do using the Colorbox® Colorique line. Because the colors are blendable with each other, it was easy to achieve the colors needed to finish this project.

With 14 different colors in the Colorique line, which one will you choose for your next home décor project?  To purchase the Colorbox® Colorique line retail, please visit my store.  For more fun diy projects using the Colorique line, visit my blog.


About Lisa Marie Jimenez

Lisa Marie Jimenez is a professional jewelry designer, with 24 years of experience in the industry. She designed her own line of jewelry which sold to gift/clothing boutiques for 10+ years. Her designs have been published in US and International bead/jewelry magazines, along with several front cover features. Lisa’s designs have also graced the covers of four romance novels. She shares her jewelry designing techniques to others through her personal blog and currently writes a column for an international bead magazine.

One Response to Lady Guadalupe Candle Sconce

  1. Dana Tatar says:

    Stunning piece! I love how you colored both the metal and the wood.

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