DIY Woodland Decor – “Mr. Owl” Pillow with Eileen Hull’s ColorBox Blends

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Hello, my name is Lisa Hoel with designer Eileen Hull‘s Inspiration Team and I am very honored to be here “taking over” the Clearsnap blog! I can’t wait to share this wonderfully whimsical woodland project with you. Utilizing Eileen’s Sizzix dies and Blends inks makes it easy to create!

  • Supplies needed:
    ColorBox Blends, Golden & Nutmeg
    Sizzix Bigz Die, Romance Flower
    Sizzix Bigz Die, Spring Leaves
  • stencils
  • Cotton canvas fabric – white
  • felt – grey, black, dark orange
  • light and dark grey cotton print fabric
  • embroidery floss – grey, black, tan
  • 2 black buttons
  • poly fill
  • quilt batting
  • sewing thread
  • fusible interfacing
  • empty mister bottle

Did you know that you can easily make your own permanent mists using the Blends inks? It’s really easy – carefully pry off the sponge applicator first. I used my palette knife to scoop some ink out of the container and put it into the mister bottle. I then filled it with water, screwed the mister top on, shook it, and it was ready to go! Easy peasy way to get even more use out of your Blends ink.

Once I made my mist, I lightly spritzed the owl’s tummy area to add a bit of color (I used the Golden ink).

After setting that aside to dry well, I turned my attention to the wings. For each wing, I cut one piece of quilt batting and two pieces of dark grey cotton print fabric. Note the layering of the parts in preparation for sewing – right sides together for the prints and the batting on the bottom. I stitched around the perimeter with a 1/2 inch allowance, leaving the top of the wing un-stitched so I could turn it out.

Note the wing on the right. I clipped at the wing tip to eliminate bulk in the seam after turning it inside out. The wing on the left has been turned, pressed, and then top stitched to form the flight feathers. I also zig zag stitched the top of the wing after sewing (see next photo). I didn’t worry about making a finished seam because it was going to be covered with felt feathers.

I cut three grey feathers and five black feathers for each wing using the Spring Leaves die. I embellished them with embroidery floss and glued them in place on the wing.

The eye parts were cut using the Romance Flower die. Before cutting the cotton fabric, I fused the interfacing to it to give it a bit more stiffness and prevent fraying of the edges. I sewed on the button eyes and embellished with embroidery floss.

Here I’m using using the eye parts to determine where I’m going to stencil the burst pattern. The sponge applicator makes it really easy to use with stencils. I use a light touch and build up my color layers. If you press too hard you’ll get a blob of ink coming out of the activator pump inside the sponge.

I did the same thing with the stencil for the tummy feathers. (I used Nutmeg.) Heat setting these inks makes them permanent.

After stitching on the beak and cutting little ear fringe parts out of black felt, I was ready to sew the body. Note the layering – right sides together and the fringe parts tucked to the inside. The bases were sewn into the seam and ended up right side out when the body was turned.

I sewed all around the body with a 1/2 inch seam allowance, leaving a good size opening in the base (ie. space between the red pins).

I turned the owl inside out, pressed it, and stuffed it with poly fill. I then hand stitched the opening in the bottom closed with a blind stitch.

Lastly, I glued the eyes in place and then hand sewed the wings onto the body. I hope you’ve enjoyed my tutorial! Be sure to visit Eileen on her blog and find her on Facebook and Instagram. You can find me at Creative Juice! Thanks for stopping by. =)







4 Responses to DIY Woodland Decor – “Mr. Owl” Pillow with Eileen Hull’s ColorBox Blends

  1. Tracy Evans says:

    Gorgeous Lisa. Tracy x

  2. Eileen Hull Team says:

    Lisa this is the cutest project ever! I love how the ink looks on fabric and great tip to build up color gradually. BTW using the flowers for eye was a stroke of genius. Mr. Owl goes on my all time fave list!

  3. Susie Bentz says:

    Great project – absolutely love the eyes!

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