How to use Magic Stamp – Make a name stamp to decorate holiday shipping boxes

by | November 4th, 2016 | Comments Off on How to use Magic Stamp – Make a name stamp to decorate holiday shipping boxes


If you are like me and have to ship a lot of your Christmas gifts than having a stash of pretty boxes ready to go will come in handy when the holidays get closer. To dress up my shipping boxes this year I thought I’d make a custom name rubber stamp with Magic Stamp Moldable Foam.

To make these custom stamps for your shipping boxes, you’ll need:


If you didn’t want to make your name a holiday greeting like “Wish” or “HO” used over and over would be fun too. I followed the easy instructions by heating up the foam and impressing it onto the wire to make the custom name stamp.


I inked up the stamp using the red section of the Poinsettia Petal Point Ink pad and stamped a bunch of boxes. I think I will make an ornament with the “Stef” wire I used to make the stamp. Bonus!


In addition to decorating the gift boxes with my custom name stamp I embellished them further with the snowflake stamp and the ColorBox Winterscape Petal Point inks. I bet all the people getting gifts in the mail from me will enjoy the box as well as the gift. Hey and maybe the postal workers will enjoy them too!

Decorate your shipping boxes to add cheer to all who come in contact with them this holiday season.


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