DIY Embroidered Hair Barrettes

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Embroidery is not my strongest subject, but I still love it. So, I challenge myself and give it a go from time to time. The problem is, I think big and bite off a task way out of my league. After fifteen stitches I’m ready to give up. So this time, instead of going big, I went small, and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Stamped Embroidery Barrettes

Using a Clearsnap® Skinny Stamp and Colorbox®’s Erasable Fabric Ink I ended up with a couple of cute pieces, the perfect size for a hair barrette.

Embroidered Barrette Supplies


Stamping Embroidery Project

To create your own set of barrettes he first step is stamping your fabric. I used fleece for this project because I knew I needed a fabric with some heft to it if I was going to turn it into a barrette. I was originally worried that the fuzzy nature of the fleece would make it hard to see the stamp. Thought it appears light in the photo, I actually had no trouble seeing my design. Another option might be to use felt.

Embroidered Stamped Barrette

Next, I played around with different stitches. The center of the O was actually a heart but I was too chicken to try to embroider it so I turned it into a solid circle instead. That’s the great thing about the erasable ink. If you decide to forgo any detailed work you can use a wet rag to blot the ink away and no one will be the wiser.

Stamped Barrette Craft

After I finished my stamped pattern I stacked my piece of embroidery with two more pieces of fleece. From there I used office clips to hold the layers together before stitching it all up.

Glueing Barrettes to Embroidery

Once I had my little embroidered pillow I hot glued it to the barrette.

Love Embroidered Barrettes

I consider myself a beginner when it comes to all things hand-sewing, so I was really excited to be able to either copy the pattern directly (the top barrette) or change it up and practice different stitches (the bottom barrette).  If you’re teaching someone to embroider or a novice yourself, I highly recommend using the Colorbox® Erasable Ink and Clearsnap® skinny stamps as a jumping off point.

What kind of projects challenge you? Tell me about it in the comments!


erin sipes

DIY Embroidery Barrettes

One Response to DIY Embroidered Hair Barrettes

  1. Dana Tatar says:

    I love this project Erin! I’m a beginner with all things fabric/sewing, but I feel like these barrettes are doable with my skill set. I’ll definitely be trying this! Thanks for the inspiration!

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