Turn Coloring Pages Into a Personalized Frame

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Coloring Page Frame and Artwork - ESipes

You’ve undoubtedly read about the joy of adult coloring books and probably even picked up a few for yourself. What you might not know is that these coloring pages look best when you use more than a pack of crayons. With rich vibrant colors, like those of Smooch® Products, you can turn an afternoon break, into a framed piece of art, or the frame itself!

Coloring Page Frame - ESipes

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Coloring Pages with Smooch - Erin Sipes

To begin simple use the Smooch® straight out of the bottle. The Accent Tip makes detail work easy and the ink dries quickly making it easy to use several colors in one sitting.

For this project you’ll want to use a coloring page that has an all over pattern and you can either cut a piece to fit the frame before you start coloring or after you are finished.

As for the colors that’s completely up to you. I prefer bright colors on a white background which is why I love using Smooch®. The colors are super vibrant with an almost iridescent quality that gives life to otherwise dull coloring pages.

Adult Coloring Page Decoupage - ESipes

Use any decoupage medium you prefer to attach the coloring page to the frame.

Glitter Adult Coloring Page Frame - Erin Sipes

While I was finishing up I decided to add a bit of Glitter to the frame using Glue Gloss. There was nothing symmetrical about the application, I just put it where it seemed to best fit the design of the page.

Coloring Page Artwork and Frame - ESipes

Framed inspiration quotes like this one always make great gift ideas. I can think of a few mothers and teachers who’d love to put this bright and cheerful message on their desk.

What kind of things are you making with your coloring pages? Let us know in the comments!

erin sipes

Coloring Page Frame - Erin Sipes

One Response to Turn Coloring Pages Into a Personalized Frame

  1. Rose Powell says:

    Erin, how fun is this frame, I love it when coloring can be functional. Cute!

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