How To Set Pigment Inks with a Clothes Iron

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Metallic Pigment Ink Layered Card - ESipes

Working with pigment inks without a heat tool can be a challenge to say the least. Most of the time it feels like you have two options, wait for the ink to set on its own or trudge ahead and risk smudging your work in the process. However, there is a way to heat set using a tool commonplace in every household, your clothes iron.

Have you seen the new colors of Colorbox® Metallic Pigment Ink? Maybe it’s just my anticipation for summer to end, but when I looked at them all together I thought of autumn. Combining the regal colors, the metallic twinkling, and the thought of piles of raked leaves, I came up with a rather simple but lovely layered card. With the help of my iron, I was able to make the entire piece is one sitting with no smudges!

Metallic Layered Card Supplies - ESipes


Blending Metallic Pigment Inks - ESipes

First, use the Colorbox® Stylus  and Circus Art Screen to apply the ink on at least four different brown shades of cardstock.  You could use the same color, but one of the things that makes the metallic inks so awesome is that they take on a different shine and color depending on the surface. How they look on the lighter shade is completely different than how they appear on the darker sheets.

Metallic Pigment Inks - ESipes

Ironing Metallic Pigment Ink - ESipes

Now it’s time to pull out the ironing board!

Set your iron on the highest setting (without steam) and give it time to warm up. Once it has, use a paper towel as a press-cloth and iron your design for at least 30 seconds with firm pressure. I’d previously read to use plain copy paper, but I had better results using a paper towel.

Give the paper a minute to cool before moving onto the next step.

Metallic Pigment Ink Layers - ESipes

Use a two inch circle punch to create the pieces that’ll make up the front of the card.

Cut a 12″x12″ piece of cardstock in half and then fold that in half to create your card’s body.

Use your favorite glue to attach the circles in layers on to the card front. Give the adhesive a bit of time to dry, close the card, and flip it over. With a paper cutter trim the excess from the sides and top. This way the final product has three smooth sides and the bottom is scalloped.

Applying Metallic Ink Layers - ESipes

Last step, cut out a 2″x3″ rectangle and ink the edges before gluing it to the middle of the card. Next use one of the metallic inks with the Wish Big stamp. Set the ink with the iron, trim it down, and glue it to the middle of the rectangle.

This card has a definite fall feel and would be perfect for a new college student.

Wish Big Metallic Ink Card - ESipes

Have you used the Metallic Pigment Inks in any of your projects?

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How to Set Pigment Inks - ESipes

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