Grand Ol’ Flag Pocket Page

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Hi, Rose here! Today I am going to share with you a Grand Ol’ Flag pocket page that is filled to the brim with vintage charm and fun mixed media details.

Decorated Grand Ol Flag Opening RPowell

Grand Ol’ Flag Pocket Page

I was inspired by Patriotism for this project. I wanted to create something unique,  yet interesting. While this pocket page is filled with lots of bits and bobs, it also features some American pride and a couple of creative uses of ink, gesso, and modeling paste.

Basic Materials for Grand Ol Flag Pocket Page RPowell



When I began playing with the idea to “dye” the gesso and modeling paste. I’ve got to be honest, I had no idea if it would work. A bit of trial and error is to be expected when you’re trying new techniques in mixed media.

Tinted Gesso Modeling Paste Technique RPowell

For the first technique, I stamped the Colorbox® Color Pop Premium Dye Ink by Susan K. Weckesser  in Sky on to clear packaging and spritzed it with the Izink Spray – Distributed by Clearsnap® filled with water and let it drip into a pan filled a blend of gesso and modeling paste. With this method I was able to tint the gesso/modeling paste into a creamy blue color. I painted it in the upper left corner very loosely. I really wanted texture.

Two Techniques Mixed Media Blended Gesso and Modeling Paste RPowell

For the second technique, I used the same blend of gesso and modeling paste and painted the remaining portion of the page. Stamp Colorbox® Color Pop Premium Dye Ink by Susan K. Weckesser  in Kiss and use a paint brush to lightly blend the color into gesso/modeling paste page. This created a more saturate color that’s flat.

Rollograph with Simple Dots on Blue for Texture RPowell

Next I used the Jumbo Design Wheel in Simple Dots and handle with the Colorbox® Color Pop Premium Dye Ink by Susan K. Weckesser  in snow for faint “stars” and it also added to the texture.

Adhere strips using glue gloss RPowell

Use glue gloss to adhere strips of old book pages. Then use a sewing machine and sew through the middle.

Heat Emboss white stripes and blue stars RPowell

Next using Pigment: Emboss Gloss® by Donna Salazar saturate the old book strips and sprinkle on ColorBox® Embossing Powder in Opalescent Clear. Heat set. Gives the white strips a fun shine. Repeat on the blue portion as well.

Opalescent Clear Embossing Close Up RPowell

Here’s a little close up of the embossing. It’s really hard to capture on camera, but it really leaves such a beautiful shimmer that I just love.

Grand Ol Flag Pocket Page Pre-decoration RPowell

The final step would be to trim the page down to the size of the pocket page and ink the edges. You won’t see this pictured because I neglected to do it until after I cut apart and pocketed the entire Grand Ol’ Flag. You could stop here and just enjoy the Grand Ol’ Flag on it’s own, or… You could have a little bit more fun decorating it.  Here are a few close ups:Blue Hello Grand Ol Flag Close Up RPowell

Grand Ol Flag Potrait Close Up RPowell

Grand Ol Flag Vintage CloseUp RPowell

Have you ever tried creating a pocket page? What theme would you incorporate? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear your idea.

Rose Powell




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2 Responses to Grand Ol’ Flag Pocket Page

  1. Erin S. says:

    Love this idea! I moved around a lot growing up and this made me think it might be cool to use a map as the base of the page and embellish each pocket based on the states we lived in.

  2. Wow Rose!! I love this project!! I have so many of these products and have never used them. Now I have a reason why!! Thank you for the idea and the tutorial!! Great job.

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