DIY Decor – Organic Tree Slice Serving Tray

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Hello, Crafty Peeps!  Looking for a fun way to make your next outdoor meal truly organic? Serve your food on a tray made from a Basswood® Country Round™ and painted with ColorBox® Pigment Inks!  My tree slice was thick enough to make two trays.

CountryRound1_CHarris copyCountryRoundEdge_CHarris copy 2Before working with my Country Round™ wood slice, I treated the bark with four coats of acrylic sealant.


Take your crafting to a new level by using organic products in non-traditional ways.Applying ink to Country Round_CMHarris copyUse your ColorBox® Color Blender to apply two coats of ColorBox® “Willow” Pigment Ink. Apply in the direction of the grain.  Allow adequate drying time.

RedPearlInkWoodSlice copyApply a coat of ColorBox® “Red Pearl” Pigment Ink and allow to dry.   Stencil on your design using the ColorBox® Art Screen – Geometric and ColorBox® 3-Color Ink Pad – Vinyard. (Use the brown ink or use ColorBox® Dune Pigment Ink) to create a “brocade” design. Allow ink to dry.

Next, following the grain of the wood, apply ColorBox® “Willow” Pigment Ink until you achieve the desired design.  Do not over ink your blending tool.  You do not want to totally obliterate your stenciled design.

BrocadeDesignCountryRound_CMHarrisThe three inks (Willow, Red Pearl, and Dune) blend together to create a soft shade that mirrors the warm tones of your organic Basswood® Country Round® wood slice. The effect when the light hits the Country Round™ is quite pretty! Seal your ink by applying 2-3 coats of a “matte” acrylic sealant.   Attach your handles and you are done!

CountryRoundSnack_CHarris copy 2Pick your spot and enjoy a hot cup of tea and some cookies!



2 Responses to DIY Decor – Organic Tree Slice Serving Tray

  1. Rose Powell says:

    Oh this is gorgeous Chana. Beautifully done.

  2. JenniferE says:


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