Stamping in Planners with ColorBox Queue

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Hello everyone!!  Kymona here to share how convenient and easy it is to decorate a planner using a ColorBox Queue. Stamping in planners is easy and convenient with ColorBox Queues.

The beauty of the planner movement is that there are planners of all shapes and sizes, with all different focuses so that you can find one that actually fits you and your life. The accessories for planners are what really get me excited – stamps, inks, pens, makers… I recently ran into a good friend who showed me how she carries her planner everywhere along with a cute bag filled with inks, stamps, pens, pencils, and washi tape.  It’s a great way to always have the fun accessories for planners at the ready with you at all times. I decided to put together my own planner + goodie bag combo.

Take a look at what I’ve come up with:

KT Supplies

Here is the list of supplies you’ll need:

Take a look inside of my planner:

KT Inside Planner with Inks

How to get started with stamping in planners:

Choose the stamps you want to use in the planner. Then choose the color of ink to stamp them with.

ColorBox Cat’s Eye Queue are so convenient to use because all of the inkpads are attached to one another for easy access and easy stamping.  Switching out colors is easy.

KT Using Inks on stamps

KT Ink Stamping

Complete all of the stamping in one color, then switch out to the second color. Adding washi tape to the pages can be fun too especially if it matches the inks that are being used.

KT Ink storage

Nothing to it.  Super simple and easy to do.  Decorate the planner according to your style.

You can do the same technique on planner sheets, which are a great alternative if you like to print your own pages or don’t want an entire planner book to carry with you.

KT Planner Sheets

Stamping on these sheets is super simple with ColorBox Queues and the ink does not seep through, which is awesome.

KT using ink on sheets

Let’s take a look at how I carry my supplies with me.

KT Ink Storage 2

The ColorBox Cat’s Eye Queue fits perfectly in this zipper pouch along with the other supplies needed to decorate a planner.

KT Ink Storage 3

Look at how convenient it is to have 10 different ColorBox Cat’s Eye Queue colors at one time in this pouch with the rest of the supplies!

KT Planner and Ink Supplies

Nice and easy for travel anywhere.

So what do you think?  Would you give this ColorBox Cat’s Eye Queue Inks a try in your planner? Please let me know in the comments.  To see more of my Clean and Simple tutorials, please visit my blog.


7 Responses to Stamping in Planners with ColorBox Queue

  1. Maggie B. says:

    Hi Kymona ~ Such an awesome way for planning on-the-run! You always come up with such awesome ideas!! (Do you EVER sleep??? LOL). ~HUGS~

    • Kymona Tracey says:

      Hey Maggie!! Thank you so much for your continued support!! I’m gald you like my ideas. Sometimes I wonder about them, LOL! I do sleep, LOL!! More now then before. Before getting sick on my birthday, I used to get only 2 hours of sleep but I stop that now. I do most of my crafting on the weekend now, no more long-nighters.

  2. Carla Hundley says:

    Wonderful article and
    I love your little
    bag! Did you make it?
    Tutorial please.
    Carla from Utah

    • Kymona Tracey says:

      Hey Carla!! Thank you so much for sweet comment. No, I didn’t make that bag. I bought it from Kim Knight of Kim Knight Designs in Tennessee. She has an esty store,, I hope this helps. Thanks again for stopping by.

  3. TracyM #6773 says:

    SO PRETTY :)
    … I feel ever so guilty confessing that I get so caught up in the electronic world that I tend to neglect my planner.

    • Kymona Tracey says:

      Hey Tracy!! Thank you so much. The thing is I have a hard time using my electronic for scheduling. I have to see it written down in front of me so don’t feel bad. We have to use what works.

  4. Pam says:

    Great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

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