Cinco De Mayo Necklace with Surfacez Inks

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Hi Clearsnap fans! Lisa Marie Jimenez here today to show you how to make this colorful Dia De Los Muertos inspired necklace using a coloring book image and Marisa Pawelko Modern Surrealist Surfacez Ink by Clearsnap.  Marisa Pawelko’s inks have the vibrant colors needed for making a Latin themed project.  Thought this necklace is designed with Dia De Los Muertos motifs, the vibrant colors make it a fun piece to wear to a Cinco De Mayo celebration. Let me show you how I made this focal bezel to this necklace design.

Day of the dead necklace by Lisa Jimenez


How to make this Cinco De Mayo Necklace:

Scan the desired image from the coloring book and resize to fit inside the bezel. For this project I cut a sample piece to fit the bezel and use for reference of what area of the image will be inside the bezel.

Dia de los muertos necklace

Start coloring the largest areas of the image first using a sponge eye makeup applicator. To apply the ink, just press the sponge onto the ink pad, and then color the paper. In this project I started with the dress, coloring it with Marisa Pawelko Modern Surrealist Surfacez Ink, in Yolo Yellow.

Dia de los muertos necklace

To color the small detailed areas of the image I used a small pointed paint brush. Simply run the paint brush across the top of the ink pad to load the brush with ink. Use a wet wipe to clean the ink off of the paint brush when changing colors.

Dia de los muertos necklace

Use the paint brush to add color to the smaller areas of the dress. I colored the lower part of the dress with the Passion Purple Ink. Next I added Gecko Green as an accent color to the top part of the dress. Continue to color the image until you have completed the area that will be inside the bezel.

Dia de los muertos necklace

Cut the design out to fit into the oval bezel. Cover both sides of the image with packing tape and then cut out the oval, leaving a small border of tape. Glue the image to the bottom of the bezel. Next I glued small metal flowers to the headband. Set aside and allow glue to dry.

Dia de los muertos necklace

Mix resin according to manufacturer’s instructions and fill bezel with resin. Allow to cure following manufacturer’s instructions. Once the resin is cured, you can finish your necklace with a variety of colorful beads.

Dia de los muertos necklace

This project was fun to do and Marisa Pawelko Modern Surrealist Surfacez Ink by Clearsnap® line had the bright and vibrant colors needed to complete a Cinco De Mayo or Dia de Los Muertos project. ColorBox Surfacez ink is incredibly durable and designed for a variety of multi-surfaces. With 8 fun colors in the Modern Surrealist Surfacez line, which ones will you use for your next project?

Thank you for stopping by today, I hope you enjoyed this Dia de Los Muertos Necklace tutorial. To see more of my jewelry and craft tutorials, please visit my blog.


About Lisa Marie Jimenez

Lisa Marie Jimenez is a professional jewelry designer, with 24 years of experience in the industry. She designed her own line of jewelry which sold to gift/clothing boutiques for 10+ years. Her designs have been published in US and International bead/jewelry magazines, along with several front cover features. Lisa’s designs have also graced the covers of four romance novels. She shares her jewelry designing techniques to others through her personal blog and currently writes a column for an international bead magazine.

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