Glass Graffiti – DIY Painted Bottle Wind Chime

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Hi friends! Dana Tatar here today sharing a fun DIY project that will have you thinking Spring. I had a lot of fun using ColorBox® Glass Graffiti to upcycle glass bottles into a colorful wind chime. Creating custom colors using ColorBox® Glass Graffiti is easy with just a little water. Simply mix and blend the ink and apply paint to glass for a vibrant finish that really catches the light.

I love DIY projects! This wind chime is not only beautiful, but also inexpensive to make yourself. I purchased a glass cutting tool, metal washers, and fishing line for about $5. Several bottles of ColorBox® Glass Graffiti and the supplies from the hardware store (not shown above) total less than $20. (The glass bottles, 1 wine bottle and 3 beer bottles, I had on hand.) This is certainly one of the most affordable DIY projects I have created for my home.


Step One: Use a glass cutting tool to score a line around a clean and empty glass bottle by holding the glass cutting tool against the bottle and slowly turning the bottle until the score line reaches around the bottle. Note: The roll of tape shown above worked well to hold the bottle in place as well as to keep the cutting tool level. Score the bottle slowly to help ensure that the score line is even. Scoring the bottle more than once by repeatedly running the glass cutting tool around the bottle will result in the glass cracking and/or an uneven break during the next step.

Step Two: Alternate between applying heat and cooling the bottle down with ice to help separate the glass along the score line. Note: Both this step and Step One require patience! Every bottle is different. It is possible to score through a beer/soda bottle in one cut, but I had the most success, and more clean breaks, by heating, then cooling, the bottom of the bottles, just below the score line, until the bottom of the bottle broke away. This process takes practice. Be prepared to go through several more bottles than needed for one wind chime.

Glass Graffiti Wind Chime

Step Three: Paint the bottles with ColorBox® Glass Graffiti. Let dry and then protect the ink with a light layer of spray sealant. To create several new colors, apply Glass Graffiti to a craft mat, add a drop of water to thin the ink, and then blend with a paintbrush, creating a more watercolor type formula.  Note: For tips on how to apply Glass Graffiti to bottles, visit my previous Glass Graffiti Post. To remove any painting errors during this process, simply wash away the ink with water, dry the bottle, and start again!

The ColorBox® Glass Graffiti ink dries on glass in minutes without etching.

Glass Graffiti Wind Chime

Step Four: Use metal washers and fishing line to connect the bottles. Tie a length of fishing line to a metal washer and draw it up through the bottom of the bottle that will hang the lowest on the chime. Repeat this process until all the bottles are connected.

Glass Graffiti Wind Chime

Once you have the glass cutting technique practiced, painting and assembling wind chimes will be a breeze! I hope I have inspired you! How would you paint your bottles?

Thanks for stopping by today!

Clearsnap Supplies:

Other supplies: Glass Bottles, Metal Washers, Fishing Line, Paintbrush

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