Flower Stencil Earrings and Birthday Card

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Hi Clearsnap fans, Lisa Marie Jimenez here to show you how to make Flower Stencil Earrings and a matching Birthday Card.   Giving someone a handmade card for their birthday is special, but what if it also had an extra surprise inside?  A piece of jewelry!  In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a birthday card and a pair of earrings that coordinate together.  This is easy to do using a ColorBox® Art Screen.   A card like this is perfect when you want to give someone a little more than just a card, or you have a “secret” gift to give.   This brings a whole new meaning to “gift card”.

Flower Stencil Earrings by Lisa Jimenez

Supplies to Make Flower Stencil Earrings:


  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Chain Nose Pliers
  • Cutters
  • Embossing Gun

Instructions for Flower Stencil Earrings:

1.  Paint the front of the brass blank with white paint. Let dry and then apply a second coat. Set aside to dry.

2.  Apply a small amount of double sided tape to the backside of the brass disk. Place the disk on your work station with the hole at the top.  Press the disk down, to secure it.  This will secure the disk in place while stenciling.

3.  Place a small dot in the center of the disk with a pencil. Center the ColorBox® Bloom stencil on the disk, using the dot as a reference for center.  Tape the stencil down to the work station to prevent it from moving during stenciling.

4.  Using an Art Dauber apply ColorBox® Curry ink to the center of the stencil. Next apply ColorBox® Pinkolicious ink to the petals.  Apply ColorBox® Olive ink to the outer pattern.  For reference on color application, see picture below.  How to Stencil Earrings5.  Carefully remove the stencil. Use an embossing gun to heat seal the ink.  Be careful, as the metal will be hot, once heated.  Let it cool before handling.   Once cool, seal the disk with a clear spay sealer.

6. To assemble the earring: Open the loop on the eyepin and connect to the top hole on the brass disk.  Close loop.  Load bead onto wire, trim and make a simple loop.  Open the loop on the earwire and add to top loop on bead.

Repeat all steps for second earring.

Flower Stencil Card Supplies:

To Make Coordinating Card:

1.  Cut the wood paper to fit the front of the card. Place the Bloom stencil on the wood paper and secure to your work table with tape.  Use an Art Dauber to apply the Curry ink to the center part of the flower.  Next moving outward on the stencil, apply Pinkolicious ink.  Use Olive ink to color the outer part of the flower.  When dry, glue wood paper to the front of the card.How to Stencil Flower on Paper Card

2.  Stamp the flower stamp onto a scrap piece of paper using Colorbox® Black Ink. Color the flower using Curry ink and pink markers.  Cut the flower out and apply to the inside of the card.Using Art Stencil

3.  Dress up the front of the card with die cuts, Happy Birthday stamp and rhinestones.

4.  Use oval scallop dies to make two nesting cut outs. Apply to the inside of the card.  This will help secure the card, in holding the earrings.   Poke two holes and insert earrings.  If you do not have little rubber backs to stop the earrings from falling out, you can use a coordinating washi tape on the back of the card to secure the earrings.Stencil Flower Earrings by Lisa Jimenez

This project can be applied to many  occasions:  get well, secret gift, and congratulations are just a few, that come to mind.  Using Colorbox® Art Screens makes it easy to coordinate this project.  There are many Art Screens to choose from.  Which Art Screen will you chose, to use in your next project?

Thank you for stopping by.  To see more of my jewelry projects, visit my blog.2015-Clearsnap-GUEST-Lisa-Marie-Jimenez

About Lisa Marie Jimenez

Lisa Marie Jimenez is a professional jewelry designer, with 24 years of experience in the industry. She designed her own line of jewelry which sold to gift/clothing boutiques for 10+ years. Her designs have been published in US and International bead/jewelry magazines, along with several front cover features. Lisa’s designs have also graced the covers of four romance novels. She shares her jewelry designing techniques to others through her personal blog and currently writes a column for an international bead magazine.

One Response to Flower Stencil Earrings and Birthday Card

  1. Roberta Birnbaum says:

    Wow! Now that’s a lovely gift. I didn’t realize it was so easy to paint on metal. Great project!

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