Coloring Metal Charms with Smooch

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How to color metal charms with smoochHi Clearsnap fans!  Lisa Marie Jimenez here, showing you how coloring metal charms is a snap using Smooch® Accent Inks.    I made this “Day at the Beach” Bracelet; using charms I colored with Smooch® Accent Inks.  This themed bracelet was cute without the charms being colored, but what a difference coloring just a few of the charms makes.  This bracelet now comes to life with color and is a fun piece to wear.

To color metal charms you will need the following supplies:

Let’s get you started coloring metal charms with Smooch® ink just like I did.  Just follow these easy steps:

There are two key factors to coloring metal charms with Smooch® Accent Inks:

  • The ink must be heat set using an embossing gun
  • Darker, richer colors will be achieved by adding several layers of ink
  • Inks may be layered on top of each other, once the first color is set with heat
  • The charm must be sealed when finished to protect the color.

Safety:  Because the charms are small, they will become HOT when heated with an embossing gun.  Be sure to heat the metal on a heat safe surface.  Do not touch the charms for several minutes after heating as they will be hot.  Let them cool down prior to touching.

Umbrella Charm:  Paint the top part of the charm with Smooch® Siren.  Using a paper towel, lightly go over the high areas of the painted area of the charm.  This will remove the ink from the high areas, leaving the paint in the low areas.   If you remove too much, just add more ink.  Next use your embossing gun to heat the ink.  This will set the ink.  Spray the charm with clear coat to seal.

Easy metal color technique using Smooch

Sand Bucket:  Using the Smooch® color Azure, paint the bucket part of the charm.  Heat ink with embossing gun to set the ink. Again charm will be hot.  Color the flower with the color Siren.   Then repeat the process of heat to set.  To achieve a deeper color, simply repeat the steps for a second layer of ink.  Seal the charm with clear coat spray.

Beach Ball:  Use Smooch® Azure and Sundance ink colors to color the beach ball.  First color in the triangle sections of the ball with Azure ink, skipping one in between.  Set ink using an embossing gun.  Let charm cool.  Using Sundance ink, color in the remainder of the triangles.  Set with heat and once cool, seal with clear coat.Coloring Charms with Smooch by Lisa Marie Jimenez

It is easy to make those cute little themed charms, pop with color.  Adding color brings the charms to life.  A cheerleading bracelet can now be customized with team colored charms.  Story book charms can be colored liked the character. The possibilities are endless when coloring charms.   What metal charms will you be bringing to life with Smooch® Accent Inks?

Thank you for stopping by today.  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  To see more jewelry tutorials please visit my blog.2015-Clearsnap-GUEST-Lisa-Marie-Jimenez

About Lisa Marie Jimenez

Lisa Marie Jimenez is a professional jewelry designer, with 24 years of experience in the industry. She designed her own line of jewelry which sold to gift/clothing boutiques for 10+ years. Her designs have been published in US and International bead/jewelry magazines, along with several front cover features. Lisa’s designs have also graced the covers of four romance novels. She shares her jewelry designing techniques to others through her personal blog and currently writes a column for an international bead magazine.

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